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Dennis Hong, From Imagination to Reality





Dennis Hong(데니스 홍)



Business / Economics / Self-help / Robot Philosophy

Building Robots through the Power of Positivity

“Dennis Hong is a true innovator and the greatest scientist in the field of robotics.” 
From imagination to reality, Make impossible possible,

and stereotypes into new thinking! 

Globally renowned Korean scientist Dennis Hong, leader of the laboratory RoMeLa, discusses how we can turn the impossible into reality.

Dennis Hong was awarded the National Science Foundation’s CAREER Award and was selected as one of the 'Brilliant 10' by the international science journal Popular Science. He is an engineer who developed the first humanoid robot in the United States and the world’s first automobile that can be driven by the sight-impaired. Dennis Hong was named twice in Dong-A Ilbo’s '100 People Who Will Honor Korea in 10 Years' and was selected as 'an Honorable Person' by UCLA. Dennis Hong is a genius scientist who draws attention from all over the world, and was once hailed as the “Leonardo da Vinci of robots.” 

Dennis Hong first dreamed of becoming a robot engineer after watching Star Wars when he was seven years old. Having actually achieved that dream, he is making his imagination come alive and the impossible happen at RoMeLa, a robot research institute called “the factory of dreams.” His colleagues call him a “modern-day wizard” when they see him leveraging his ingenuity and singular creativity in the building of robots. His robots, including Charlie, the first humanoid robot in the U.S.; Darwin-OP, the open-source robot used for educational and research purposes; the disaster-rescue robot Thor; and Baloo, the robot that never falls down, are all products of his pioneering spirit and boundless passion. 

In Dennis Hong, From Imagination to Reality, Dennis Hong’s spirit and passion can be witnessed in full. His entire journey of revolutionary innovation is contained in this volume. At a time when all of us, regardless of which industry we are in, must continuously challenge ourselves and push the envelope, this book will serve as an inspiration and spur us on to harness our own remarkable spirit and creativity.









National Science Foundation
– CAREER Award
Popular Science – Brilliant 10
Develops first humanoid robot 

in the U.S.
Develops world's first car for the blind
Selected as 100 People Who Will Honor Korea in 10 Years

by Dong-a Ilbo
UCLA Honorable Person

Dennis Hong is currently a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at UCLA and head of research at RoMeLa, a Mecca for world-class robotic research. In 2007, four years after the RoMeLa’s  establishment, it was making headlines by coming in third in the DARPA Urban Challenge for unmanned vehicles hosted by the U.S. Defense Department’s Higher Research Planning Agency (DARPA). 

Dennis Hong has developed numerous robots based on his unique imagination and was selected as one of the “Brilliant 10” in 2009 by the science journal Popular Science. In 2011, he created the world's first car that could be driven by sight-impaired drivers, which was praised as “a performance comparable to landing on the moon,” and soon after began to be called “the Leonardo da Vinci of robots.” His robots, including Charlie, the first humanoid robot in the U.S.; Darwin-OP, the open-source robot used for educational and research purposes; and others, have earned him the moniker “the world’s best brain.” 

When he became a professor at UCLA in 2014, changing universities, he suffered the loss of all the robots that brought him so much praise. That same year, he was invited by the Japanese government to visit the site of the Fukushima nuclear accident and was shocked to witness the limitations of the robots he himself had developed.


#​의견 필요

오늘 하지 않아도 되는 걱정은

​오늘 하지 않습니다

By Dennis Hong


ISBN 979-11-6834-068-8



​로봇 일레븐

By Dennis Hong, Eden Hong
lllustrated by Yonghwan Jun



ISBN 979-11-89995-04-1

Children's Book

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